Changing conditions, good progress

Published 15.04 in category North Pole 2012

A Polar pedestrian negotiating a zebra, – sorry ice crossing

Changing conditions, good progress
Camp 3, Sunday morning: Another impressive day. This group do not hang about. They had sun from the morning before both clouds, some white-out and wind came their way later in the day. But the challenge was two big areas with rumble ice. It was difficult, but they came through and were able to maintain good progress.
Yesterday Dave was not happy with temperature management, and after a long hard rethink he changed his approach for Day 2. It worked wonders and he was much happier. Another one had a near miss and had one shoe in the drink. It was not a big lead and was quickly safely back on the ice. Shoe and sock became wet, but by this morning that was taken care of and dried out completely.
Every evening they all gather in the main tent where the boys invite all for dinner. We understand that round off the day in a very entertaining way. For last evening Andrea brought her surprise: A Guatemala chocolate cake with coffee beans inside! Very popular indeed.
The again covered over 20 kilometres including the nights drift and woke up this morning at: N89°24,858’ E163°58’

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