Christmas in the South

Published 25.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013


It is far from the North Pole to the South Pole, actually 180 degrees of latitude and over 20,000 km. But you Santa Claus took the whole journey down, dug out of the tent and brought with him gifts and good mood for all of us !
Thank you very much to Santa (or Line…)  for  chocolates.
Thanks to May Tove and Helene for Turkish pepper.
And thanks to Henrikke for glitter and decorations of the tent.
Merry Christmas to everyone at home!
Christmas has been a great day of sun and twenty degrees below zero. Seven sessions and seven hours skiing resulted in 21 km advanced again, and estimated arrival to the South Pole is now  on Boxing Day.

But think about it: Only 2 days to the South Pole now  : -)

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