Chugach, day 18

Published 08.08 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska
Message from Lars Ebbesen: 

Børge &Vincent just called in. They are camped at: 61.41326, -147.76488 / 3000m

It has been a gorgeous day but probably the hardest so far on the trip. They guessed they had covered some 17km finding the best way upwards and avoiding crevasses. Now they can’t get further with full loads.
They will get some rest before starting early for the summit push and take advantage of the cold mornings and harder snow. Probably they will be on their way between 02 and 04.
They will leave the camp and go light with rope, climbing equipment, Iridium and PLB.
The weather has been great, and it looks better for Monday and Tuesday than the predictions yesterday. Clouds, they can already see them building out at sea, seems to hit around noon(local time), but they will be more scattered than faired, and they should keep good visibility for the return to camp.

All the best, Lars


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