Clearly in the mountain, 2300m

Published 26.07 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska

Chugach – Day 6 Report

From 1600m to 2300m, we are clearly in the mountains.

That was just a nice ride during the whole day, uphill 80% of the day though ahahah. A little bit of fog in the morning until it cleared at around 10am, still overcast but no more white out. The afternoon turned out to be beautiful and warm. We sweat! We put everything in our sleds. No more backpacks.

There is ahead of us a difficulty that we need to negotiate. It’s a pass which doesn’t seem to be too tricky but it’s the way down that looks more challenging. It will require clear weather at least.

Let’s see what the day brings tomorrow… in case of bad weather we are studying an alternative route. Wait and see!


Our position, CLICK HERE


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