Closing in on the Pole

Published 15.04 in category North Pole 2011

Thursday, Camp 5: The day has been a bit rougher today as they came into a part with quite wild ice. Lots and lots of pressure ridges made for exciting but strenuous going. The ice drift, that had been northerly and very favourable until now, swung westerly and made them work harder for every kilometre.
Naomi also had a slight altercation with her food, decorating the ice. But she soon regained her composure and carried on. Friday morning she was fighting fit again. – This is not unusual for debutants who have not pulled a lot of sledges. Having you ‘whole life’ hanging behind you and the belt hammering your stomach constantly as you negotiate the terrain in a raw deal . On top of that, it would have been inhuman not to get a reaction on her swim yesterday. She will have taken a lot of strength from having reacted and done everything right, – but in -30°C, in a split second, to crash through the thin layer of ice and knowing you have 4.000 meters of water under your feet, will stay with you quite a while…
Whatever. The day started in white-out but soon turned great. The worked hard and Friday morning they had some 18 kilometres left. Will they make it during Friday? Hard to say, but surely possible – if the Mother Nature refrains herself from playing more tricks on them.
Stay tuned!

A Polar pedestrian negotiating a zebra, – sorry ice crossing

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