Cognac on the North Pole – after victory over the pack ice

Published 25.04 in category North Pole 2008: Three Expeditions

We are now camped at the North Pole, which we reached at 21.15 Norwegian time. Our journey on the ice started as planned 10 km from our destination, and after five
hours we reached the Pole.

Conditions have actually been more challenging than for the “last degree” expedition; there has been considerably more pack ice and we have encountered many more leads. Fortunately, we were always able to find a way across – the leads were sufficiently frozen that we were never in any danger.

We also encountered lots of pack ice. Since it has been a lovely day and partially cloudy, the ice has taken on beautiful bluish hues. In other words, we have had the opportunity to experience some of the best that the North Pole has to offer. We’re lucky, as we are only here for two days. Many of the blocks of ice stood on edge, glowing in hues of blue. Five-foot blocks lie strewn like dice across the terrain.

It’s been a great day!

We have erected my largest tent, and we are all sharing this five-man tent. At this very moment we are savouring some excellent Cognac, celebrating our safe arrival at the North Pole,

Our plan is to spend most of tomorrow here, and fly back to Ice Station Barneo at six or seven in the evening. We shall spend the last day at the Russian base, before returning by air to Longyearbyen on 27 April.

All is well with every member of our expedition. Temperatures are –12˚C, and there is a gentle wind. In other words, the weather conditions are excellent.

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