Cold and hard but good

Published 10.12 in category Jubilee Last Degree

telt bengt

My tent is my castle

Friday: Even with the sun out for most of the day it turned out to be a bitterly cold day due to low temperatures and a sever headwind. It was a real insight into Polar life as every move had to be planned and nothing could be done without mittens. It resulted in a few small frostbites, but nothing serious, so the team got through the exam.

They also covered 15,6km witch was a super effort. Børge was very impressed as the team really grew and work together to get that distance. Some had light sledges, some had 50+kg and some even pulled 80-90kg! They also managed to get in enough food and drink during the day. This is super important, as they learned yesterday, but very tricky in conditions like this.

Hats off and let’s hope they can keep this up.

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