Cold bath in a creek

Published 28.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
The adventure goes on. Dogs are working great and the weather conditions are really nice. They even had time to take a bath in one of the open creeks.

May 27
Hi, this is Sigrid. Its morning here now, yesterday was another fantastic day here on Greenland. Blue sky, sunny and no wind. Yesterday we followed a frozen river, nice to mush on even in these heavy snow conditions. We had a long lunch in the middle of the day. Where Salo brought up local food, harvested from the land. Salo even took a bath in one of the creeks. The day went on with happy dogs and god laughs behind the sled. Now we are camped on a glacier with a great view to the sea in both directions. We are taking a long morning here with breakfast outside, will do some ski trips around camp to explore the land. The big happening today its that Pernille, Gudleiks wife, has her birthday. So a big birthday grating goes to Pernille from Gudleik and us here on ice.

I am really happy with the dogs. Small strong greenlandic dogs, each with their own personal attitude and i love them all! Other than that everybody is HAPPY!. Okay, talk tomorrow.

– Sigrid and the Team

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