Published 12.09 in category Greenland Fall 2015
Greenland ice cap is pretty close to ‘the middle of nowhere’, but are still very well connected with you back at home. Every morning we call home, give an update and get a weather forecast for the next couple of days. Every evening after setting up the camp we send our position to the Ousland office with an Iridium satellite tracker. After dinner Bengt and Polona sit down and prepare the blog update. We use a regular smartphone connected to a satellite phone. Sending the text and a photo is our last task of the day and Bengt sends it while already in his sleeping bag. He has to warm up the phone battery on his belly – pouch! The message goes to Alf’s email who publishes it on the webpage, so that you can all read it and cheer for the continuation of excellet weather that we have had on this year’s fall crossing!

We have a backup satphone and a VHF radio as a third backup. In case of emergency we also have an emergency beacon. All this except for the tracker is mandatory equipmet we must bring to be allowed to cross the icecap.

Today we did 26.5 km, surface was nice and the weather was all between total whiteout and sunny skies.

The Highway 5



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