Count down in Longyearbyen

Published 11.04 in category North Pole 2011

Saturday: Welcome to the 2011 North Pole Last Degree Expedition of Naomi, Birgit, Thomas and Bengt. Here we will follow the team on a daily basis. All the info is sent us by Satellite telephone.
Over the days leading up to the weekend all the participant have tricked into Longyearbyen at Svalbard. Preparations have been going on through out, and today the last packing of food, checking of equipment and last grasp shopping was on the agenda.
At 17:30 they drove the whole lot out to the cargo plane that will be readied tonight. The weather in the region is good, with scattered clouds and sunshine, so everything looks good for an on target departure tomorrow afternoon.
Before then, they will (try) to relax and have the last meal with table, chairs and warm surroundings…
Stay tuned!

Naomi, Thomas, Bengt and Birgit all set to head north

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