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2011 LOGOThursday evening: Finally, tonight the massage came: be ready tomorrow (Friday) morning. Everybody on stand-by from 06:30!

This s wonderful news, and a bit earlier than expected. When the last storm died down, they had 60cm of storm-compressed snow on the (run)iceway at Union Glacier. But since then the staff there have worked day and night, and now we are ready. The hope is that the first flight out to the Ross Barrier will happen just hours after landing in Antarctica. That flight will take 5 pax + Igor and Victor and a depot for 2 other expeditions to about the Butchers camp on top of the Axel Heiberg Icefall. Their priorities are to reach the Pole in time for the 14th December. Their change of strategy should give them a fair chance of that. The depot is for the 2 other Norwegian expeditions that we talked about some days ago.Magelans fot

The rest of out lot will fly out in 2 flights, and hopefully the second group will be flown out later on Friday. – We’ll try to update you as things happen!

Ps: the photo  today is the foot of an Indian who went with Magellan. It is situated at the square in Punta Arenas and belief is that if you kiss the foot you will return in good health to Punta. – It goes without saying that this has been kissed by every Polar explorer worth mentioning…

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