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Avreise Tasilaq

Anastasia, Camilla and our old friend Salo who is to ferry them to the Inland Ice

Day 0, Thursday 23. August 2012: At noon Greenland time (4 hours behind central Europe time) Anastasia, Camilla and Bengt left Tasiilaq with boat heading  for the Inland Ice!

After frantic days of preparations in in Tasiilaq everything was set. Camilla and Bengt arrived at the capital of Eastern Greenland Tuesday, while Anastasia got in Wednesday a few days after schedule. But this morning they stood ready at the peer as our old friend Salo from Isortoq arrived with his boat. Then they set out in grey but calm weather and planned to get over to Isortoq later in the afternoon. The trip should be quite easy as the ice is good on the ocean.

Tonight they will camp right under the Inland Ice by the Isortoq hut, and tomorrow morning they will head in. It is a very excited little team going in as this year have seen probably the most extreme melting of the ice for over 100 years. This can cause problems, but we do not know till they get up and in and see for themselves as there are no hands-on observations. It will be a thriller as the season ends 15th of September, so by that time they must have fund a way over.

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated. 

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