Crashcourse in Speed, Timekeeping and navigation

Published 02.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq

Day 6

Crashcourse in Speed, Timekeeping and navigation. All contestants did very well. A short day today, to build up our energy supplies for days to come.

16km in 5 hours of walking, ending the workday at 15.00 Greenland.

Cold and windy morning, but the weather actually turned too hot in the afternoon making the snow sticky and wet.

I am very glad that we have reached 1330 meters above sea level at this point, so that we are more sure to have at least subzero temps at night.

Tonight we will have a little gathering in the master-tent. And maybe someone will bring a surprise?

I am sure a short day will do us good and that we are fit for fight tomorrow.

It is now time to start counting kilometers and gaining altitude…

Stay tuned.. AJ and the AAFI-team.


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