crevasses along the way

Published 07.08 in category Spitsbergen crossing 2014
Across Spitsbergen

Up and down…

Vince _roped_up

Vince roped up


Crossing melt river

Another good day, with perfect weather, no wind and sun most of the day.

The mountains here are even more astonishing than I expected. Crossed quite a few crevasses, mostly roped up, and nothing we couldn’t handle.

It’s been up and down across mountain passes and down steep slopes as we are moving from one part of the glacier to another. Also crossed a melt river .

Think we have the most tricky part of the glacier behind us.

Did 15.3 km, quite good considering the terrain.

Our position: Lat79deg9’3″ Lon17deg4’40” Alt +1130 m

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