Crossing the Arctic Circle

Published 04.09 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It’s the 4th of September. Yesterday I reached a small milestone: crossing the Arctic Circle. It feels like the wind is chasing me – it’s not so different from part of our trek through Frants Josef Land, except now it’s raining harder. And of course there are tunnels here. Long tunnels, one of them 8 km. They provide some respite from the rain. I’m doing okay, keeping the pace I hoped, putting between 100 and 120 km behind me before I stop each evening.

My feet ache, but fortunately I have no blisters. They have thought they were taking a restful holiday, but couldn’t have been more wrong. They have to put in some hard work each day, and they’ll just have to get used to it.

I’ve reached Sandnessjøen. My good friend Bjarte came up from Oslo, and we’ll be bicycling together for a few days. Now we’re headed for Sømna and expect to reach it by six or seven this evening.

Even though we are covering a significant distance each day, our pace is unhurried and we pause frequently. Each day feels easier. We’re on the move and doing just fine.

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