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Published 23.03 in category In Shackleton's footsteps - South Georgia 2013

Training on the HelideckThe storm luckily went south of us, and we are now cruising with a decent
tailwind in nearly 30 knots, which hopefully will enable us to reach King
Haakon Bay already on the 24th. But we are in the Southern Ocean, in what is
called the screaming fifties (fifty degrees of latitude), and weather can
still play some tricks on us.

We are now inside the low-pressure belt between the warmer ocean climate and
the colder icy landmass of Antarctica. This belt is called the Antarctic
convergence, where low pressures are born and moves eastwards in a constant
movement around the earth. That is why the waves gets so big down here, the
flow of strong persistent winds and no landmass to stop the waves. That is
also why Shackleton set sail for South Georgia from Elephant Island instead of heading for South America, which was much closer. It would simply not
have been possible to sail in that direction with his small boat due to the strong headwinds and large waves.

We are getting used to the rolling now and have spent the day well. We are, apart from Thomas and myself, Ola Hensaasen, Thore Skartveit, Ola Bromseth,
Marit Figenschou and Ole Skeidsvoll Moe. We have gone through the rope works, crevasse rescue techniques, use of crampons knots etc. This was done on the helideck where we have the whole hanger for ourselves, to get the safety procedures and routines together before the ski trip starts.



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