Crying feet and laughing souls

Published 20.12 in category Patagonia 2011


Bengt prøver å holde seg tørr på beina / Bengt keeps his feet dry…

Thursday morning: They camped almost by the ice last night. But that was quite an effort. A lot of vertical meters and heavy loads saw to that, event though the went several times.

The last two days have been real stunners. An almost cloudless sky, sink-sakking up the narrow valley on tiny mountain trails, crossing the river a few times with the landscape constantly changing; forest, wild glaciers, lush meadows, strap walls and a blue sky framing it all.
But now they are in the ‘Keyhole’ area, and will be looking for the best possible way onto the glacier and a are route through the crevasse sone at the start. The expect to camp for the first the on ice to tonight.
Truls greets his wife who celebrates her birthday today, while Per sends his to Jarle, Iben and August.

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