3 new videos: “Dangers At Night” – “A Bright Sunny Day” – “Official Papers”

Published 30.08 in category Northern Passage - 2010

Two new videos from the “Northern Passage”:

We must constantly be on watch to avoid the timber and driftwood that floats
off the Siberian coast. Hitting a log at high speed would be almost as serious as
sailing into a rock!

…on the other hand, there are times like this – sailing under bright sky.

With good help, Captain Thorleif Thorleifsson of the “Northern Passage” can
finally fill out the required official papers in the SIberian port of Pevek.


Update from Børge: We have spoken to the captain and crew on “Peter 1”
by VHF. They seem like nice people. I hope we’ll have an opportunity to meet
them at some point, perhaps get together over a few pints.

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