Day 0 is packing and preparing day.

The team of Matteo (Ita), Leonardo (Ita), Giorgio (Ita), Grzegorz (Pol). Chris (GBr) and Filippo (Ita) all arrived at Alta airPort at 14.15 in the afternoon. We (Rune and Are) picked them up, and went to Camp Alta to kick off what we hope will be a week of fun, learning and great outdoor-experiences.

At Camp Alta we made a delicious pasta dish with fresh parmesan-cheese, directly from Italy. Yummy!

Then on to some crash-course tent, stove, breakfast, equipment and clothing classes, before a few of the guys even went on to check out Alta by night.

Now they are all in their cabins, packing and preparing for tomorrow and this week’s big happenings.

Best regards from Are.

Leonardo Bizzaro brought a newspaper from Italy with him that shows an article he had written about ski-Expeditioning in Norway, mentioning amongst other things, cheers for that Leonardo! I will bring the gift to Børge!


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