Day 1, 4-5th April

Published 06.04 in category North Pole last degree 2017

We left Longyearbyen at almost midnight aboard a Russian plane – Antonov 74 – with other expeditions aiming also to complete the last degree to the North Pole.

3 hours later we were in the base of Barneo, just the time to unload our sleds and reload them on a MI 8 helicopter and off we go:  Direction, 89 degrees!!

We were all tired but the excitement and the stress kept us up and awake most of the time…

It’s now around 6am, almost -30 degres and all our gear is on the ice while we see the helicopter flying away from us.

We plunge into the amazing world, the place is wild.

We skied until 11am before pitching our first camp. We have the rest of the day to get a routine going inside the tent…

Greeting from the top of the World !

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