day 1, Heading North

Published 05.04 in category the 2 last degrees in 2017
We came at the airport at 05:00am yesterday, and the crew had already started to load our sleds. After some waiting we took off towards Barneo. The landing on ice was smooth and nice. We got our fuel supply and got into helicopter headed for 88 degree. In the chopper was also another team that are doing scientific research on their way to 90 degrees.
Ice looked nice from the air. We landed as close to 88º as we could, and  said goodbye to the other team and headed North.
We did almost 5 hours of skiing before camp. During the night the ice started to move close to us, so we had to move our camp in the middle of the night. We moved out of camp and settled 400m closer to the pole within an hour.
All good!
Bengt 🙂
Ice 1

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