DAY 10, That feeling!

Published 24.08 in category Greenland Fall 2017

That feeling!
Today started out much like yesterday ended… Whiteout and snow. The deep snow from the days before still giving us a challenge. At one point I found myself hanging with my nose almost touching the tip of my skis, with the pulka rope well straightened out between me and my pulka. A pulka that just didn’t want to move. Then, suddenly, the snow stopped and the sky began to clear. The temperature raised to a level that transformed the snow into a fairly compact slab, giving us sparkling skiing conditions, all the way up to the last leg of the day.

8 legs gave us 17,5 km. A welcoming progress after some days of struggle !

Team member of the day is Grete Karin!
She is originally from Romsdal, Norway, but lives in Skien were she works as Special Nurse in the hospital. She is experienced in winter travel from both mainland Norway and Spitsbergen and together with her medical education, fighting spirit and a jolly mood, this makes her a most valuable team member!

Cheers from Bård Helge and the team!


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