day 10, The white day

Published 13.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

We took down camp 9 early in the morning and set off at 7 am sharp to take advantage of the good skiing conditions in the cold morning hours.

We set off into a white world, with very limited visibility….We laughed a lot at the first person who stared us in S-shaped formations, but soon everyone got to experience the challenge of navigating almost solely on the compass.

We are still on the long skins. Although the landscape is flattening out, we still have a few hundred meters to climb before the summit. We had hoped to see the sun today, but although the visibility got better toward the afternoon, we are curling up in out sleeping bags in a still white world, only 40,5 km away from DYE.

Team member of the day: Olivier (AKA “the bull from Paris”) The city boy (with OCD) Olivier read a book from Mike Horn and decided to take on the arctic. Being fairly new to the “pulka-life”, it is admirable to see how he has embraced the cold world of Greenland as if he was an Inuit.

Olivier is the only French in our group of happy campers, and with his french flair and constantly good mood, he makes sure our journey is as happy as it can be by making us all laugh a lot! When Olivier isn’t exploring the arctic territories he is measuring bridges in Africa amongst a lot of other things. He has lived other places in the world as well, and talks a lot about Huddersfield, witch is close to his heart.

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