Day 11. Captivated in the storm.

Published 07.09 in category x'Greenland 2020

We rushed out of the tent at 05.00 this morning to start building a snow wall in front of our tent. This for protection from the howling winds that was to come later in the day.
The wall was 5ms long about 2ms thick and 1,70ms high. It took us about two hours to build.
In addition we took the trouble to straighten the tent so it was faceing the wind properly. Around 10 o’clock the wind speed started to increase. And during the day it raised to 24 ms with gusts hitting us at hurricane speed. 32ms.
The noise inside a tent in this winds are unreal. We have tried to chill and relax through out the day. Reading books listening to music and watching films.
Now the clock is about 22.00 Greenland time and it would usually be the time to crawl down the sleeping bag for some hours of sleep. But the insane noise these storms make it is hard to catch any sleep.
Nevertheless we will give it a try.
We will update you on our tent bound lives tomorrow.
Expecting the storm to hold us in captivity until Wednesday.

CAmp: Lat 66.170815 Lon -40.702586

Cheers from Are and the NUGGI-EXPEDITION

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