Day 12, cold and windy (again…)

Published 31.08 in category Greenland Fall 2019

Day 12. Cold and windy. Ended at 2150mas after 21,5kms. Longing for the summit at 2500ms. Tent swap again today. (we swap every 3 days) Nice tradition to break up routines and change social-settings. Wenche and Christer share tent 1, Pelle, Ingvild and I share tent 2 and Geoff and Daphné share the 3 tent.

The tent is the heart of every expedition. This is where we live, laugh, cry, share stories and back each other up! Today Ingvild brought some Pine from Røros in to the tent. I have never sensed such a beautiful scent in my life. How strong the forest scents can be when you are deprived of all scents, like we are here on Greenland.

Life is good, very good.

Cheers from Are and Pride expedition.

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