Day 14, (Wo)man vs wind

Published 15.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

In the early morning hours the wind picked up, and played around our camp with approx 20-23 m/s. Luckily we had made a good job storm proofing the day before, and after checking gale-lines we went back to sleep, using the situation as an opportunity to rest.

We waited for the right window, and around 2 pm it finally calmed down somewhat, and we decided to set off.

However the wind picked up again, and after covering only 900 m we had to swiftly pitch a tent and stay put while waiting for the wind to calm down again.

After socialising for an hour the wind decided to be cooperative, and we covered 11 km in 5 legs of 50 minutes.

We’re now relaxing once again in the tent, curios what tomorrow might bring to our little caravan…

Lots of love from the ice. Sebastian Gjølstad sent this message from:

Lat 66.443671 Lon -45.844574

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