Day 15. Whiteout, headwinds and 15cm of fresh snow.

Published 03.09 in category Greenland Fall 2019

Whiteout, headwinds, 15cm of fresh snow. A hard day at work. But also just another day in the office 🙂

You can’t cross Greenland without running into a few days of bad weather here and there. The team made the task look easy, and tomorrow is yet another day.

Did 22, 2 kms today, and are now laying in Camp-summit at around 2460 ms. Tomorrow we will be starting our descent, and it’s gonna be some long hard days…

Thnx to Ingvild Johansen for the lovely presents.

Love You ❤️vi to❤️

Cheers from Are and Pride expedition on the West side of Greenland.

Are Johansen sent this message from: Lat 66.266742 Lon -43.412197

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