Day 17, 17th May, Norway Constitution day !

Published 19.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad


Norway had behaved well as well, and we had a lovely day celebrating the constitution of Norway in sunshine and blue skies for a big portion of the morning. We paraded the whole day toward the summit, and made it 25 km farther along on our journey.

We pitched camp a bit early in order to make a cake and celebrate Norway. The two Norwegians on the team sang the national anthem.

We’re full of Real Turmat meal and cake as we go to bed with a full stomach for maybe the last time in a while.

The saying of the day is, in addition to “Gratulerer med dagen!”, “heptane”. We have discovered a heptane leak in some of our food and will have to ration out our food supplies for rest of the trip. So for those of you waiting to receive us back home in 2-3 weeks, please double the portions of pai you were planning to bake for our arrival!

All good with us. Towards the summit!

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