Day 17. Turn Around

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Another freezingly cold day. They pushed hard for 8 full hours, and coved 18,75km. Snow was ‘Antarctic slow’ with uneven sastrugi.
This promoted a big rethink in the tent. They have been hit by storm after storm and 6 days stuck in the tent. This was day 17, and they had hoped to be in the DYE II region by now. with some 2 weeks og food left, big storm hitting Tuesday / Wednesday and more storms predicted for the coming weeks, there were 3 options:
1) continue and push on regardless. 2) Push towards DYE II and try to get a helicopter to bridge the gap. 3) Turn around and head for the east coast.

For Preet, this a very hard and unwanted situation. She is testing herself, aiming for the South Pole, and her dedication is impressive. To say the least 🙂
But, the art of polar travel is to evaluate at all times and show that you can take the big / unwanted discussions when needed. 
So yesterday, after much calculation, debating, soal searching, and probably a few tears, they decided to turn around.
It is the correct way to go. And Scackleton’s turn-around with the South Pole in sight, springs to mind. Our aim should always be to land on our feet – and not put other parties in danger og stress. Greenland is a country with limited infra structure. They have done everything to make this crossing happen. And we owe them not to make things difficult for them.

We feel sorry for Preet and Are. Now it is important to keep the guard up and get out well. The Atlantic is producing hurricanes at an alarming rate of knots this year (La Niña?). The trip is far from over.

Guest writers Bengt and LArs from the home-base

NUGGI-EXPEDITION last camp: 66.303295 Lon -41.531153

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