day 19, chugach,

Published 08.08 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska
Report Day 19 – Chugach 2017

They called in 05:30 (Oslo time) after a grueling 14 hour summit bid.
They had started out 04:00 (local time) but the conditions were not good with high winds and bad visibility.

They returned to the tent to wait for the sun and by sunrise the summit pyramide of the mountain cleared so they set out.
Though the wind was still hammering them, the condition were ok. But closer to the summit they came upon a 200m, 60° icewall.
They just had enough equipment to scale it, but it was tedious and very hard work and Børge was very complementary about Vince’s sure hands in doing most of the leading in a very safe way with the limited equipment they had.

The day was another stunner, with the clouds that came rolling in from the Bay of Alaska hitting further down the mountain. But after two very hard days they were happy to be back at the camp for a good rest. Tuesday they will descend and head back to the sledges and start the last bit towards the hoped for pickup at the Grashopper aitstrip.




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