Day 19, The anticlimactic summit experience

Published 20.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

The day started with whiteout and very limited visibility, which makes it difficult going in a straight line, you feel you’re walking straight forward and then turn around and see the team all over the place in an S shape, following your tracks…

Speaking of tracks, it’s getting harder in the front making tracks in 20 cm of loose snow.

After the summit we expected a bit more feeling of downhill, at least a little, but it feels like we’ve been going up a big part of the day. Even the bull from Paris complained of tiredness toward the end of the day.

We skied from 8 am to 7.30 pm, making it 27 km in a straight line (probably a lot more counting all the turns..)

The tiredness might also come from eating a little less, so we’re spending the evening experimenting with how to “deheptanise” the contaminated snacks.

Team member of the day: Sebastian (AKA Boss) The last but far from least team member is our eminent guide Sebastian. He leads with good humour and steady hands/skies and makes us feel safe and seen. His leading style brings out the best in each team member and he has become a good friend too us all. Coming straight from a big sailing trip in the Pacific, he already had gotten a head start on the arctic tan and the expedition beard. In many ways we’re striving to keep up with him, but he makes sure we’re not moving faster than our own good.

We warmly recommend him and hereby nominate him to the annual guide awards!

All the best! All the best Cheers from all of us!

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