day 2, across the Polar circle

Published 09.05 in category Svartisen glacier 2016

Although our goal for day before was to set camp at 1075m above sea level, due to the wet snow and open rivers we only made it up to 750m high where we spent the night, with beautiful weather, very good mood and a big party in our tents!

Then we woke up at 06.00 and started to walk at 09.00. We continued to climb our way up towards the glacier, we had to avoid some areas because of the higher risk of an avalanche. We made our way up to our supposed camp spot on day one and had a one hour lunch break there, before following on.

From this point there was completely whiteout and we had to rope up. In high wind and whiteout, we crossed over the half of the east ice roped up. On our way, we crossed the polar circle, and we celebrated that with a taste of special beverage. We made it up to Nunatak and put up camp there. The reason for the camp spot was that in case of whiteout the next day, we had an opportunity to go an alternative way down, which was not that steep, but a lot longer. We had another great party in the tents and high spirits in the group.








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