DAY 20

Published 10.05 in category Ice Legacy. St. Elias glacier

Can it get any better ? No.

Today was very special. Rain most of the day but what an incredible day. We managed to ski all the way to the Million Dollar Bridge, first on the frozen lake of Miles and then on some sand banks covered with a thin layer of snow. On the way saw Black bear walking along the shore, mellow guy. Before that we saw some big grizzly tracks but not the bear himself responsible for this big footsteps in the snow. We got to visit the bridge, huge work accomplished 100 years ago by the workers. It served for a train to transport copper from mines in the north. Pitched the tent nearby the river, then it started to clear up. Last night in the tent, party was on !! Chocolate, cognac, cigars and Borge’s birthday! Had to celebrate it in advance since Vince carried presents all the way across the glacier and since they might have been on the ice 31st of May in the beginning. Tomorrow looks very exciting too!! Have to get our rafts the water and paddle down 20km of the Copper River before being picked up in the evening. Weather looks great! Hurrahh 😉

Lat+60deg40’8″ Lon-144deg44’21” Altitude +170ft

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