Day 20, Chugach range

Published 09.08 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska
Report Day 20 – Chugach 2017

B&V just called in after another long, 22km day. The weather had again been great, which was just as well and there had been a myriade of crevasses, so they had roped up for almost the entire day.

But they were in super-mood and ravished about the detour up this impressive and rarely climbed mountain. It had been stunningly beautiful and wild, and had given them fond memories and photos in spades. Though it had been way harder and more technical than anticipated.
Now they are camped at position: 61.40316, -148.06437 on 1.500m
That is just before the pass leading them back onto the Marcus Baker Glacier where the sledges and the rest of the equipment is waiting. There they will be acquainted with their Iridium GO – so expect Vince to be back with his great accounts 🙂
Plan is now to push out trough the last rumble-ice part of the glacier for a hoped for pickup at the Grasshopper dort airstrip Friday morning.




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