Day 21, almost there

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Report Day 21 – Chugach 2017

Report sent by Lars

As dusk turned to pitch dark they had to call it a day as the very uneven and bush infested terrain made progress with extreme loads downright dangerous. But by then they were only 2km short of the Grasshopper dirt airfield. Tomorrow (Friday) they will call the pilot and push the pickup back a few hours and hope the weather will be on their side for a flight out of the area.

That’s not a foregone conclusion as the predictions are rain, rain and more rain… But, wind is low and the lower cloud layer is not so bad either – and as we know the pilots up there are quite audacious – they may, just may be in  for a shower late Friday !
Both guys sounded very tired at the call. They had been on it since very early morning, but the easy path down the valley turned into a real fight. The ground was very rocky and the sides were covered with extremely dense bush vegetation. Another small mountain path added to the challenge as the pushed like crazy to get all the way out.
They failed by very little, but at least the feel they have control.

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