Day 22.

Published 18.09 in category x'Greenland 2020

Started as every day, alarm clock going of at 05.00. A cup of coffe, breakfast, melting som more snow, and on skis around. 07.00 o’clock. 
Today we could only do 4 hours, because we were surprised by an ice storm, that we thought would come later in the evening. We dug down through the loose snow that has been pouring on us the last few days, to where the pegs could go into a harder surface. It took us over three hours to dig down and pitch the tent.
Now we are waiting for this storm to calm down, so we can get out and turn the tent around, to be prepared for tomorows big storm.
Have a nice week-end all followers.Are says hi to Wenke on her big day! She was with me on the 2016 Crossing.

Cheers from the NUGGI-EXPEDITION
Lat 66.031115 Lon -40.072653

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