Under a full moon

Published 13.02 in category North Pole 2006

This is Day 23 of the expedition. Despite a rough day with lots of block ice in an apparent compression area, we managed to walk 14 km. Taking into account last night’s northerly drift, we’ve progressed another 16 km, leaving 786 km to go. Today we almost reached N83°. Out position is N82°57’45’, E104°54’01”. All is well, really, just a bit of challenging ice – and the pulks really didn’t slide well on the ice.

With the full moon, we se quite well, and it’s much easier to navigate. In addition, we have the faint light from the southern horizon in the middle of the day. We could almost have managed without our headlights for a couple of hours. I must admit that it’s great to see our surroundings properly, no longer wandering in darkness. We’ve passed through a mixture of old and new ice, apparently a compression area with a lot of block and pack ice.

Both of us are doing fine, and we’re looking forward to making N84° our next goal.

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