Day 23, up at 6am as usual

Published 26.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

The morning started spot on: after breakfast, boiling water to fill our daily thermos and preparing our pulka we set off at 8 am in good mood and motivated. The first leg was perfect, straight line and nice speed despite the 30cm of powder  and the same mist that seem to last forever! Soon bad news stopped our progress… oooops, Petter’s shoes broke down (back to repair time). We set up a temporary camp and Mc Sebastian Giver did some magic and repaired the shoes in only a few hours. Good lad, we back on the skies. To be more efficient, we tried a new shift system, Kristin opening the road without a pulka then Samuel digging the track, Sebastian, Pietro and Simon surfacing the snow and finally, Petter and Olivier (whose ankle his pushing him around in life) loaded with the equipment at the back. Took a few legs to be back in beast mode, but we can fill some victories at the end of the day.

Moving 6 hours brought us 13 km. Better to be a live Donkey than a dead Lion… We will get there! Isortoq get ready for the crew.

Let’s Shackleton this!

Sebastian Gjølstad sendte denne meldingen fra: Lat 65.999776 Lon -39.840202

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