day 24, Onward !

Published 25.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

Onward! We were ready on our skis at 8, happy to find that the conditions were a little better than yesterday.

We found a good system with the rotating of the trail blazers and the pulk load of the mule and the bull, and made good progress despite challenging snow.

We are beginning to understand why the inuits have so many different words for snow, and are hoping to experience more of the hard, smooth and fast surfaced snow tomorrow, as we still have a good few Km to cover the next three days…

The spirit in the group is high, despite the fact that chocolate reserves are running low now…

We will soon be able to smell the ocean, and that calls us forward.

We are hoping to get a head start early, so good night from the ice!

We did 31 km!

Sebastian Gjølstad sent this message from: Lat 66.047605 Lon -40.716105

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