Day 24 part 2.

Published 20.09 in category x'Greenland 2020

From the home base: The rest of the day they showeled snow every 2 hours. The drift snow is so big that it shades the sun, gived freezing conditoins and cover them in ice every time they go out. This has meant the stowe working overtime to try to dry things up. But this constant dragging icy clothing in as made most everything moisty, so sleeping bags are struggling to keep them warm though it is just -22°C.

So together with the team we took the very tough descission to try to get them out of there. But the wind will continue til Wednesday, Tuesday looks calmer before Friday will give anther big snowfall before the next storm hist on Sunday. Findig a window without interrupting daily life in Greenland will be a puzzle.
But for the team it was some good News at last.
We will have a helikopter-pick up Monday around noon. Fingers crossed.

Camp: Lat 66.03089 Lon -40.072696
Cheers from Are and the NUGGI-EXPEDITION

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