day 26, plateau paradise !

Published 29.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

We got a good start, skiing off into a beautiful sunny day with a cool wind from the north, giving us a good crust on the slight slope. We went over to wax, and made good speed throughout the day. We’ve ran into the same Swiss team of four skiers in Kangerlusuaq and at DYE, and they ran into us once more as we had an early lunch…

We as well heard word from Rune and his team, who are a few days behind us, that they are running low on fuel, so we buried a canister with heptane (…and some whiskey:) and sent the coordinates, in hopes that the end of their expedition will be a little better 🙂

The day was one of those spring days where the sun shone brightly all day, layers came flying off and we could ski in our long johns and be reminded that summer is waiting for us at home. The plateau showed itself from it’s best side and in the afternoon the mountains appeared in the distance along with the ocean and icebergs. What a magnificent view!

It feels as if we’ve been at sea for the past month and are returning to land, in some kind of reversed way. As we are coming closer to the coast we are entering polar bear territory. At one of the afternoon breaks we had a little briefing of what to do if a bear comes up to greet us. Sure enough, a few hundred meters later we ran into some polar bear tracks. The bear was long gone, but we will have our pots and pans (and gun) ready if he decides to swipe by our camp or caravan.

We’re going to bed approx 37 km from the end of the glacier, and will have an early start, ready on our skis for a last push at 3 am. It will be strange to be back in civilization soon. Yet although we’ve grown fond of the whiteness of Greenland and the simple life on the road, we’re all overdo for a shower and a good steak! 

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