Day 27 ISORTOQ !!!!!

Published 22.05 in category Greenland-An apple for Isortoq


A familiar face, Salo, picked us up with his boat, driving us the 20 minutes it takes by boat to ISORTOQ.
Salo accomodated us in his own house, where we could just feel free to feel like home. And we did. Making a huge pasta Bolognese celebration-dinner, with a couple of Tuborg Classic to flush it down with. The rest of the night we where talking, laughing , remembering and thinking of the fantastic trip that we had just finished, and finished in STYLE.
We had no personal or material injuries of any problematic matter, and of that we are very proud!
Tomorrow we fly from ISORTOQ to TASIILAQ by helicopter if the weather is good enough for flying. Today it is charity- day.
Stay tuned for more information on that matter.
In ISORTOQ Are and the happy travellers of the AAFI-Expedition


Isortoq maybe

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