Day 27, The good the bad and the ugly!

Published 10.09 in category Greenland Fall 2017

The good the bad and the ugly!
This morning started perfectly and we made 25 km down to the top of the icefall. In 6 legs!! We had lunch, did a little recce on the crevassefield in this area and went on through without problems. By that time the wind had increased to a gale and was getting stronger. We kept on going for a couple of hours looking for a place with some snow to put up the tents on. We found a spot just at the same moment as it started snowing and everything disappeared in a dark blizzard. We spent some time getting the camp set up but everything went well!
Now camping 32 km from land and we hope to be there monday evening or tuesday morning!

Cheers from the G.I.N. Expedition!


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