day 28, Descending into the lower icefall!

Published 11.09 in category Greenland Fall 2017

Descending into the lower icefall!
We woke up this morning listening to the tent shaking and dancing in the wind. However the force of the wind was mostly at a light gale, but still with 18-20 m/s in the gusts.
The sky had cleared and we got out to ski at 9 in the morning. We continued until 8 in the evening and made about 22 km, passing frozen meltwater rivers and canyons. The whole day walking on our feet because there is almost no snow down here. Camping at 900 masl we hope that tomorrow will be our final day on the ice with only 12,5 km left before touching land. But these are the heaviest km of the whole trip…

Cheers from the G.I.N. Expedition!


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