Day 28. What a Day !

Published 16.09 in category Greenland Fall 2019

What a day… 35cm of blowing fresh snow, and 10m/sec headwinds…Poor visibility. Low contrast. Wet. From time to time we were up to our waist in deep loose snow.

Thanks to Christer who took multiple turns in front, we made 16,43km today. That guy is unbelievably strong, makes good decisions and are harder than a coffin nail 🙂

It is now, 16,5km left to go down a relatively tricky icefall. We will do our absolute best to make it down tomorrow. Hoping for a late pick-up, and maybe a cold beer in Kangerlussuaq. Fingers crossed.

What a group of fighters this team is: Chris “the machine”, Daphné, Ingvild, Pelle, Wenche and Geoff are really giving it their best at all times. I am so proud of this group.

Cheers from Are and Pride expedition, almost there…

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