day 3 – a cold day

Published 28.02 in category Finnmarksvidda 24th February to 1st March

Another cold day… When we woke up it was 30 below… At Molisjok-Mountain Cabin it was 22, and that was the warmest we had all day.

The team is working hard In the cold weather, and they are tired, but happy at night. Everything from skiing to camp routines is  getting better day by day. Today from choosing camp to the moment the first stove was lit, only took 20 minutes.

We have met a lot of trailbreakers for the Finnmarksløpet today, but the team is not all happy about that.

Tonight there will be a party in the BIG tent. I’m curious to see how many show up!

This trip is slowly turning into a fairytale !

Ciao from Are & the team.


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