Day 3- Birthday !!!

Published 10.05 in category Greenland Spring 2018



Day 3- Birthdate day !!! Karen turned 15 today ,hooray!

It was a lovely, sunny day and quite perfect for traveling. After 2 days of hard work through the ice fall we are pleased to see some flatter terrain…

The tempo is good and spirits are high !

It’s been a great day and a perfect end with special Austrian Sachertarte birthday cake!

Cheers from Karen, Denise, and the whole team:)





Bård Helge Strand sent this message from:

Lat 67.145283 Lon -49.560206


Here below is an aerial view of the camp this morning. It is a good illustration of what the inland ice-fall looks like under the spring snow cover… This area is infested with huge melt-water rivers making it a labyrinth during our crossing in the fall when the snow is not there.
This spring the ice-fall is in great shape with unusual (for now) great amount of snow. It has been heavy going, – but beautiful !


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