Day 3, Icelegacy Chugach

Published 23.07 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska

We won’t be long tonight as we need some rest after that long day.

Started the day carrying again back and forth on the moraine of the massive Columbia glacier.
We did trek nearly 8 hours until 5pm and towards the end we could even pull one sled and carry one back pack in the same time, until we checked the sleds and realize the damages. One of Borge’s is literally punctured. So we stop and made a quick repair. One hour later we found a place for the camp right before a nunatak which split the Glacier in two pieces. From there we started to repair the sleds for more than 5 hours! We used some extra tent poles to reinforce the weak areas. Hope they will last…
We really need to reach good snow!!

It’s now midnight. We are falling asleep… CLICK HERE  for our position.


And here we have another photo, preparing equipment before starting out…



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