Day 3, lava tower

Published 15.06 in category Kilimanjaro June 2019

Yahoo, new height record for most of us!

Today we aimed for Lava Tower (4600 meters above sea level) for lunch. We reached it around 14.00 and had a splendid meal made by our super helper team. With the altitude some of us are starting to feel the height. Some are struggling with nausea and headache, but still have high spirits and keep on doing a good job.

We’ve walked into what looks like moon landscape, were we all kept on looking from side to side, so much to see! After Lava Tower we walked towards Barranco Camp (3900 meters above sea level). So we “walk high, sleep low” today, the only day this is possible on our route.

Even though some of us have gotten a nice tan in the sunny weather, the fog came flowing down on us as we walked down to tonight’s camp.

Now we are sitting in the mass tent enjoying a nice cup of coffee, tea and popcorn.

Excited (and maybe a little nervous?) about the breakfast wall tomorrow! All is well.

Cheers from Barranco Camp!

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