Day 4, and we’re finally on skis

Published 12.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

Hello everyone, it’s day 4 and we’re finally on skis after battling our way through the icefall!

The terrain is flattening out and we are starting to understand what the coming weeks will look like. Inspired by the group crossing before us, we will also start to present the team one by one. And who better to start off with than our fantastic guide, Rune!

Rune is a true northerner, with his calm and steady character. He always has at least one solution to a problem, and if you read his biography on our web page you will understand how much knowledge and experience he has. He willingly shares various tips and tricks with the team, which helps us all a lot. Apparently he is really bad at card games, but he entertains us with his varied taste in music and whitty comments.

Stay tuned, Mari and the team😊

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